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Sacred Money   by Jamie Shea (1999)

Ode to the ancient priestesses of Ishtar who used their bodies to help others and themselves reach the divine. I loved the middle eastern groove we came up with, but the amazing violinist Anna Schaad took it to a whole new gypsy/Scheherezade plane. — Jamie

Some other time, some other place
You'll find her there, you'll know her face
She languidly rolls and gives herself for sacred money

The lust is holy, her scent fills the air
Someone is watching, but you don't care
She breathes life in the coldest man for sacred money

Well the boys decided we must oppose
Wild women dancing the sacred rose
Their firelight bodies might hypnotize
And too much freedom could open eyes
Burn down the temple, men took control
They got their minds back, but forgot their souls

Now here she is merely a shell
Stripped of her power, just shadows to sell
He's gladly pay but there's no such thing as sacred money.

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