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Now   by Jamie Shea (2009)

The lyrics were inspired by a couple of Pisces who are very close to my heart. The dream would be to perform this in a huge hall with a full orchestra.
— Jamie

You gotta try
If you want
Things to change
You got to start thinking
That it matters
What you do
And what you say
You've got the power

I know it's hard
When you try
And don't see change
It's easy to give up
Or to say
That you don't care
It's all just a game
That you're not playing

When it goes down it's so easy to say
That the world's just not fair anymore
You can be angry but no one is hearing
The words just hurt you

You are my friend
And I don't like
The way that you talk
About yourself now
Say things so cruel
If anyone said That about me
I know you'd deck them

How can you help it if you can see it
And you won't open your eyes
I know you hear me and want to be free
Of the heartache and lies

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