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Mr. Sunshine   by John Holmes (2004)

This song was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend. As a child he was the spark who always made everyone laugh and feel good ... and he still does. We had a lot of fun arranging this song, John Savage plays some wicked organ on it. — John

Somewhere in the middle of a litter of five
Just another brother glad to be alive
Been left alone to find his own way
Percieve the mystery in every day

Some say life's too short
Some say it's too long
Is what it is
You can't go wrong
Running hard
Doing cartwheels across the lawn
Jumping up for joy
When something new comes along
Mr. Sunshine, you put a smile on my face
A ray of sunshine, time can't erase
Oh Mr. Sunshine, no one can replace
Mr. Sunshine, Mr. Sunshine

Get on my motorcycle take a ride
Feel my lover right by my side
Feeling good, got nothing to hide
Feed the passion deep inside

Gonna play my music all night long
Razzle dazzle you with a song
Stay up late and carry on
Party hearty now sing along

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