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People always ask, "What kind of music do you play?"  
This is a hard question for songwriters who relish exploring diverse sounds and genres. Much of the material is rock-based but generally with an infusion of funk, r&b, and/or latin involved. Some of the tunes lean toward jazz, others toward a dreamy fusion feel.

We’re constantly exploring new ground, but have had people say the music reminds them of Bonnie Raitt, Santana and even Flora Purim. Decide for yourself by watching one of the videos below. Then be a champ and support live music by coming to a gig!

HARD TIME: Filmmaker Eliott Glasser was inspired to turn this song into a James Bond movie opener, making the band feel quite dangerous indeed.

(Can’t see videos? Visit our Youtube page »)

LITTLE HOLIDAY: Shot live at the Conway Muse in Conway, WA.

SUBLIME: Shot at Wired Homes Studio by Eliott Glasser.

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Unique HSB Concert
Chuckanut Radio Hour
Whatcom Community College - Heiner Theater
Bellingham, WA
Tuesday, January 29th

This unique radio variety show includes live music, poetry, more than a little humor, and a featured guest author. We'll play a half hour set before the taping and then several songs during the one hour show.

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